About Us

BCIET is a pioneer institute in the field of education, the institute is consulting Regular as well as Distance Education through UGC and DEC recognized universities. We authorized study, information, admission & counseling centers of  Mahatma Gandhi University- Meghalaya, Karnataka State open University-Mysore, Swami Vivekanand University- Sagar. We offer all prominent courses affiliated to leading colleges/universities. The institute provides all sorts of assistants for students who have registered for govt. jobs. Our students have been well placed with reputed national and multinational companies all over India and known for their efficiency and potentials. The students of our institute are fully satisfied. Needless to mention, thousands of students enroll in our institute every year. BCIET provides all courses conducted by the following reputed universities. The Institute is also associated with an AICTE approved and West Bengal University of Technology affiliated Management College at Durgapur and also with an NCTE approved and Burdwan University affiliated B.Ed college at Durgapur. We are among the best institute who are triggering education, incorporated with so many choices over enrolling any course with us and thus, craves every ambitious student. All of the universities come under us are well established and perfectly worth to enhance your qualification and hold your future with a nice grip. Even we conduct regular/week-end classes for the students who enroll to any course of our distance education program and keen to weekend classes to be scheduled. The Mission of the Institute is to provide quality education of global standards on a strong foundation of Indian values and traditions to students based on current advances in science, technology, commerce and societal demands with emphasis on commitment to social progress, peace, harmony and national integration.

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Our vision is to promote the quality education to transform lives that will change the world for better future of student who can easily adapt the changing business environment.

Our Mission is to prepare competent professional, imbibed with the spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship in competitive global environmen